I found this interesting article By Eric Sylvers – International Herald Tribune that points out how Social Networking sites are useful resources for managers in order to deal with financial crisis.

This article is a Case History of how a CEO Gautam Bose used social networking resources in order to cooperate and take decisions using social networking.

An interesting representation of Social Culture (Image from Flickr)

Bose turned to MeettheBoss, a new online social networking site for financial services executives. It was started in September – a timely introduction for a forum that helps nervous bankers connect with their peers.

The interesting fact is that this article point out the use of social networking sites by people is a mix of resources: MeetTheBoss is used toghether with LinkedIn, Viadeo, and other social tools.

This fact is interesting because – in my opinion – web site as social culture increases, web stats must be more accurate in order to establish the Real Source of a visit.

Maybe that a Site stast says that a person come from Google using the keyword MeetTheBoss. It is important to establish if it has searched this term because he read it in another person’s FaceBook profile, or from this article by Herald Tribune, or others.

My Question is:

As social culture grows and spread in normal life and business behaviours, are web stats up to date in analysing behaviours of people coming from social networking sites?


Social networking benefits from financial crisis – International Herald Tribune.